VHDL, Low level C and FPGA based Advanced HW/SW-design for Embedded Systems
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Intensive courses

Develop your skills in a short time. New knowledge with help of 1-5 days intensive courses!

Intel (formerly Altera) tools, low level C-programming and microcomputer architecture, VHDL and advanced HW/SW design.

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Engineering courses

We organize distance applied courses in low level C, VHDL and FPGA based Advanced HW/SW codesign for FPGAs.  The courses include lectures, demonstrations, hands-on training and more. The courses are based on lerning by doing and the flexible schedule is for combination with working. You need to understand Swedish.

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Participants say…
I had been working outside the Electronic industry for a while when I realized I longed back. At the same time I noticed an advertisement in a newspaper about an Yh-education and I got the idea to look up what educations that were available. Then I found AGSTU and TEIS! Embedded systems with configurable hardware is an exciting field. When I applied for the courses at AGSTU I didn´t know that the job I now have, would be as well in the line of the training.
Mattias Lindström in Linköping,
I was interested in learning VHDL and searched for web-based courses that could provide a good introduction and preferably also help me reaching a more advanced level. In retrospect I feel very satisfied. The courses are well structured and you go from solving simple problems to working on quite advanced projects. One thing I greatly appreciated was that you get to borrow a development board (Altera DE2-115) with an FPGA and several I/O interfaces. With the board you learn much faster compared to only simulating the VHDL code. Lennart and Mia give good and quick feedback on questions and the lectures and course material are pedagogical, there was rarely anything that felt unclear.
Martin Sjödin Ericsson Research, Gothenburg,
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